Cioccoeriso Cocodream

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Puffed rice, crunchy rice and grated coconut, wrapped in a milk cream and coated with dark chocolate.

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Cioccoriso CocoDream, 25g

New: Puffed rice, coconut and chocolate

Ingredients: Coconut-flavoured milk cream coating 46%: sugar, non-hydrogenated fats and vegetable oils (palm), powdered low fats milk, emulsifiers: soya lecithine; flavouring: coconut. Dark chocolate coating 32%: sugar, non-hydrogenated fats and vegetable oils (palm), powdered low fats cocoa, emulsifiers: soya lecithin, E476; flavouring; 9% puffed rice; 8% extruded rice (ground rice), 5% grated coconut. It may contain traces of gluten, hazelnuts and peanuts. COCODREAM Gr. 25

Allergens:  it may contain traces of gluten, hazelnuts and peanuts.

Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight, heat and moisture.

Shelflife from the packaging date: 18 months.

1 PCS, € 0,70 - 3 PCS, € 1,89


Specific References

EAN: 8029633003471

Country of Production:

Country of Packaging:

Produced and packaged on behalf of the:
Riso Scotti Snack S.r.l.
Via Angelo Scotti, 2
27100 Pavia

In the establishment of
447210 - Odoreu, Str. Republicii, nr 1/A, jud. Satu Mare

Product type
Alimentari, dolciumi, barrette di cioccolato in porzioni singole

Sales name:
Riso soffiato e riso croccante e cocco rapè avvolti in crema di latte e ricoperti con cioccolato fondente 




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